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Doris Demers



My Story


As a stay at home mom I was always burning scented candles. Everyone knew I was a candle fanatic and I'd receive them as gifts for every occassion. I payed close attention to them and made sure that I kept the wicks trimmed to keep the flame low. I knew they were dangerous, especially with pets and children in the house but I loved the way it made my house smell.


My first wake-up call was when I had been outside gardening all afternoon. I came through my kitchen door to see a mess. My glass jar candle had cracked, wax was all over the top of the stove. The wick was still lit in this pool of wax and I considered the danger if something nearby had caught fire.  My second wake-up call was several years ago. My teenager had friends over for the night. I had a votive candle burning in the bathroom. I had gone to bed forgetting to blow out the candle, so had my husband. The kids were still up watching TV. I got up after an hour or so to use the bathroom. Someone had come in and used the bathroom, washed their hands and carelessly tossed the towel onto the counter. The towel was over the candle. The towel was scorched, but had extinguished the flame. The tragedy that could have happened while I was asleep kept me up all night and I couldn't stop thinking about it for weeks.  I stopped using candles but I missed the great smells in my house.


A good friend introduced me to Scentsy in 2009. I purchased some items for myself and as gifts and found that everyone loved them!  About a year later I booked a party to purchase gifts for my staff in my full time job. Hosting a basket party enabled me to get some great discounts on gifts that I knew they would love. That's when I read the "JOIN" brochure and realized what a great opportunity it was.  I called my consultant and told her I was considering joining her team. She never pressured me at all, but offered her support whenever I needed it. I've started out slow because I had a very busy full time job. I was able to fit Scentsy into my lifestyle - Scentsy parties have been a great way to meet some wonderful people! It has been a year and I am now a star consultant and I'm looking forward to expanding my business gradually. I have a team of 4 now, all wonderful people who are making Scentsy work for their lifestyles. I love sharing all the great Scentsy products with my friends.  This is just the beginning, I know things will just keep getting better! I have never been impressed by a company so much as Scentsy. They truly care about their consultants and believe that we are the heart of the company.

Call me and  we can party!

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